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Pre-Construction Planning

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Pre-Construction Planning

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) has developed reserve study standards for communities, including ones that haven't been built or are in the process of development. In some cases, the developer is interested in ensuring financial stability for the community after completion and turnover. Conducting a Level IV reserve study provides a funding strategy for future component replacement.

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How is a Level IV reserve study completed?

After an initial meeting with the development team, we gather drawings and other essential information—such as completion schedules and projected turnover dates—to estimate quantities of streets, roofs, pools, etc. Then we develop the funding plan, as we would in a regular reserve study.

How can you complete these items if the community is not there?

Our years of construction experience with similar projects provides the understanding of what will be the final completion buildings, streets, or other components, and what components should be reserved for.

When should the reserve study be updated?

If this is a phased development, then we recommend updating after each phase is turned over with a final update at full completion.

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