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The Community Advisors Advantage

Community Advisors home office is in Jacksonville, Florida providing property inspection services, capital reserve planning for communities through the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States.

Our clients experience quick response, personal service and receive a custom made, easy to understand plan for funding future capital replacements. We like to discuss your concerns prior to our site analysis so we can better understand your community or property and address any concerns you have.

Then we conduct a comprehensive site visit to make sure we know your property and include your assets in our analysis. With our years of experience with community development and commercial construction projects we understand both horizontal and vertical construction and utilize realistic replacement cost and useful life projections in our analysis.

Once we have completed our site visit we conduct the Financial Analysis where we look at your current reserve fund balance, annual contributions and your goal for maintaining adequate reserves. Then we build a custom made financial plan to make sure you have adequate funding for the future and keep contributions as reasonable and moderate as possible.

Keep your Reserve Study Current

Component replacement cost, interest and inflation rates change so we recommend a financial update annually with a site visit every 2 years to help minimize risk of special assessments or deferred maintenance.

We use state-of-the-art computer software that provides you with a simple, accurate, and easy to understand report. Our reports can be customized using various funding methods, funding plans, charts and many other features.

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Reserve Studies

A reserve study provides a comprehensive review of your property's condition and current financial ability to fund capital replacements and then develops a long-term plan to fund those replacements.

Structural Integrity Reserve Studies

A structural integrity reserve study (SIRS) is a special reserve analysis required in Florida for condominiums three stories or higher that includes a site observation of structural elements and major building systems' conditions. The cost to fund these repairs and replacements are developed into a long term funding plan that meets state requirements.

Pre-Construction Planning

We provide funding plans for real estate developments that are in the planning state, so developers understand which capital funding requirements are part of their development cost.

For more information about Reserve Studies and how one can benefit your association, contact Community Advisors today.