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Capital Reserve Studies

Physical Analysis

  • Complete site inspection & inventory
  • Condition assessment of all components
  • Determine remaining component life
  • Notify Management of major problem areas

Financial Analysis

  • Complete component data information
  • Apply replacement cost
  • Determine typical useful life
  • Build a custom funding plan that works for you
  • Provide an Executive Summary

Transition Studies

  • Provide component assessment of your community assets at developer turn-over
  • Inspect each component and provide a current condition report, including defects found and cost to repair - helpful for negotiating with the developer at turn-over

Property Condition Assessments

  • Site conditions and drainage assessments
  • Roof inspections
  • Building envelope inspection
  • MEP inspections
  • Energy management system assessment

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Please contact us for more information about Reserve Studies and how one can benefit your association.